Pioneering communication solutions from brand depth value [voice - style (depth); image name (width)]
Vietso compared to 19+ years of consulting, we are an intensive creative developer, planning, setting up, building and developing brand communication and preserving brand value for businesses.

Respecting the positive qualities of people and loving the environment, Vietso chooses to communicate the good qualities of enterprises (business people), for a sustainable society, through the provision of humanistic communication ideas solutions, for the sake of the development of the brand, and at the same time increase the economy in the marketing and communication activities of enterprises every year.

We manage the brand from the root in a unique way, because the idea and management method are only implemented by one founder of Vietso, the brand care of the business is committed by the people of Vietso to the coherence, rationality (logic), positivity and depth, for the sustainability of the brand itself. This is also the vision of Vietso - The brand's communication idea solution with a sustainable development mindset.






Educational creation is the core solution, so that the brand contributes practically to the development of the user community and the value of the brand itself.
Dear Valued New Client,

When the enterprise was first formed, trust was the guiding light for the enterprise in the process of moving towards the development goals of the enterprise, whether in the period of 20 years, or 50 years or the century-long path of sustainable development.

Every business always has a business philosophy, and whether this philosophy is intangible or tangible, the business philosophy is the way for the business to move towards the established goal, in the operation of the business itself. Viet compared with the business philosophy "Sincerity is the core value of the enterprise with the goal of sustainable development". With this philosophy, we believe that sincerity is not only how Vietso people express themselves externally in the process of dedicating and creating their own economy, in a long-term journey that can be as sustainable as a business; This sincerity is also the most basic value that Vietso will contribute to the marketing and communication activities that we will do for the brand; so that Vietso's sincerity value becomes an indispensable characteristic of the business itself that has been owned before, and will now be even stronger when the business chooses us as a companion marketing and communication organization.

With the vision of "Being the brand's communication idea solution with a sustainable development mindset"; this vision is not only the beginning of Vietso when we look to the business to start the cooperation, but also this is the journey we build and develop our own Vietso brand.Sustainable communication idea solution is a commitment to Vietso communication solutions provided to your business only towards the sustainability of your business, in the process of building and developing trust and loyalty with stakeholders such as internal personnel, customers, distributors/ agents and the consumer community of your business.

In order to realize our vision, we started at the position of [Vietso as “Root man”, which is a deep brand creation master], that is, our activities specialize in creating marketing and communication solutions for brands from corporate roots: in the brand industry we call communication aspects related to brand depth - intangible value. Every business will always have a specific mission because that is how it stands in the face of storms - the challenges of the market, the mission clearly cannot prevent the organization from fulfilling its mission.

Because it is a mission, Vietso is inherently selected as a "sincere brand storyteller" by our expertise in the brand industry, we always create the best communication solutions for businesses. In order to fulfill its mission, the organization uses the weapons of its core values to demonstrate that its beliefs are always right. Therefore, the core value that Vietso owns is:
1. Standardize the brand depth value with the idea of communication with human values.
2. Preserve brand value in the process of media development for the development of the future generation of brand users.
Brand communication is not only the image, name but also the voice, quality and personality of the business. Businesses have gone through the process of communicating about brand breadth; so businesses or marketing people, you are the only one who knows that solidity from within the business is the real strength, in the journey of a sustainable brand. However, communication of brand values from depth needs insight, invisible perspective and also the connection of everything related that has been formed before or will be formed. That is why Vietso is here to become part of the firm roots of the Enterprise, in the process of marketing communication and developing and preserving brand values over time.
Think of famous brands in the world that we can remember, to visualize brand depth value communication is to standardize brand depth for sustainable development and diffuse brand width. Using Vietso's communication solution in the long term will be a benefit for the brand of the business to become a lasting trust, a strong hope, a positive lifestyle, a burning desire and an endless source of inspiration for the consumer community around the brand.
3. basic characteristics of Vietso: Rationality (logic) - positivity and insightfulness will be the foundation for businesses to feel secure when choosing us to become a communication solution in the short or long term. The voice of the brand is the brand story. When the tree matures, the branches will radiate in many directions and the only thing that keeps the tree standing is the roots.

We provide a deep communication idea solution for a sustainable organization, starting with a humanistic idea.
I represent Vietso to thank you, true marketers, business owners with an open vision as I describe my customers as people who aspire to reach out, and because I am like that, I have to find people to serve in my own mission journey, becoming a corporate communication solution with a sustainable mindset. I hope to meet you in the near future and choose me to accompany a segment of your own journey and of your own business for a common goal.

Sincerely and thank you,
- Ho Bao Thu -

Vietso was born

The best wants person, who wants to be the best, to work for their best
The Vietso logo is the root of a tree, bearing the shape of a mature tree, showing two basic characteristics:


- Reasonable professional capacity:
• Operating in the brand marketing industry, exploiting the development of brand depth to highlight the cultural values of the business with stakeholders (B2B), (B2C), (H2H) in the communication process to develop the width of the brand.
• Specialized professional skills: Combining aspects of advertising - marketing communication and branding to help the brand management process of the business be tighter.
• Vietso cares about 2 environmental factors and human values, so we only serve specialized industries including: Construction, energy, machinery and tools, insurance, finance, education and health.
- Emotional professional capacity:
• Specific professional skills: understanding psychology, sociology and the power of words help Vietso represent the business to show the work of "sharing brand pride with stakeholders with a strong corporate identity.
• Education is the foundation of a developed society and business is the second largest representative after the country, so the communication of the brand has a strong impact on the unconscious of users before awareness becomes behavior. Therefore, Vietso creates in depth to not only support businesses to achieve emotionally sustainable values but also through business communication can transform ideas into actual projects to create a learning community of business values towards nurturing future users.
- Vietso's position for businesses and users is No. 2 in B2B (business to business), ie we are the intermediary connecting the needs of brands and brand users, also known as H2H (human to human). Therefore, Vietso chooses to be loyal to customers to ensure the most effective brand marketing and long-term commitment, so each field we serve only one brand.

Our powerful inner voice is how we bring the intangible values of our clients to life. At the same time, Clients' customers and consumers, through this powerful voice, always have the strongest and clearest awareness of the brand of the business among thousands of other brands, especially with the brand's competitors.

Hello, new customers!

My name is Ho Bao Thu (You can call me Susy) – is the head of Vietso agency and guides you directly.

I know you are the one on duty:

• Support businesses to sell at higher prices with differentiated and unique marketing ideas.

• Manage, build and increase strong awareness of the image of products/services of the business in the minds of users.

• Looking for a provider of solutions for brand marketing insight and communication ideas with deep human relationships.

• Build and connect closely between your business and stakeholders, customers/ users and help them engage with your business in the long term.

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